11×14 inch on Expired Kodak Ektalure paper.

Sun Print

Kentmere silver gelatin fiber paper, 

Exposed for 24hrs in the sun.

Diptych 40×48 inches.


11×14, Agfa expired paper

Sun Photogram

Exposed in the sun for 48 hours.

Part of series of works on the floral & fauna  of indigenous native plant life of California.


This Chemigram Print was executed in New York.

40×48 inches 

Expired Forte silver gelatin photographic paper from Hungary.

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Sun photogram

This is a series of works that I am presently engaged in to  go back to the 

Beggining of photography  and finding

Inspiration in the historical aspect of photography.

This particular piece is an expired silver gelatin paper  which was exposed to the sun for two days.