20×24 inch Chemigram on Oriental Semi-matte silver gelatin paper.


Six 11×14 panel ilford matte silver gelatin photogram prints arranged horizontally.


20×24 inch printed on Agfa B/W silver gelatin paper.


Silver Gelatin Print, 20x24inch printed on Ilford warm tone paperfoto003


20×24 inch printed on expired silver gelatin Forte Elegance paper from Hungary.aschrafzai_najib_06

Lumen print

20×24 inch on Forte Warm Tone Elegance paper from Hungary.


20×24 inch printed on forte elegance paper from Hungary.

Silver Gelatin Print

16×20 on Adox fine photo paper.

Gelatin Silver print

16×20 print on Ilford warm tone paper.

This is a series of photographs that I am working on exclusively on various paper surface particularly the texture and lines

that reveal it’s true essence.